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Publikationsübersicht SARS2-Pandemie Publication overview SARS2 pandemic
Overview of various publications which are considered to be particularly relevant or to contain important information for assessing the current and prior pandemic situation in connection with SARS2 / Covid-19. Both basic works and specific research publications on SARS2 are included.
Datensatz des Robert-Koch-Instituts zur Corona-Pandemie in Deutschland (Stand: 18.06.2021)
data set of the Robert-Koch-Institute on corona pandemic in Germany (as of June 18, 2021)
Informationen zum Datensatz, dokumentierten und berechneten Werten
SARS-CoV-2 Statistical recording of the official notification numbers of the Robert-Koch-Instituts. These were taken from the situation reports of the RKI, which were not published until March 4, 2020. This data set is updated online only irregularly now.